I am passionate about health and fitness and I believe that exercise and diet are two very important components in maintaining good health.  Practicing good health early on  has proved to inevitably lead to a longer and superior quality life.  


I grew up in Toronto,  in 2009 I moved to Terrace Bay to fill a job posting at McCausland Hospital as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.  I planned on staying  in North Shore for a short period of time in order to gain some work experience  and then move back to the big city .   I later joined Wilson Memorial Hospital team and have been living and dwelling in Marathon ever since. I  have been living in the north for close to 10 years now and I don't see moving back to the city in my future.  My amazing wife and two beautiful kids and I hope to continue enjoying this gem of a place that we now consider our home.


My name is Robin and I would love to share my passion for health and fitness with you.  I have created ATLAS FITNESS in hopes  to  inspire you to make your health a priority.  ATLAS FITNESS  is updated with some of the best equipment the fitness industry has to offer.  It also provides a space that is conducive to a positive social atmosphere where members can enjoy a complete gym experience.   






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